We were delighted to stay at the beautiful Atzaro, a luxury hotel and spa in the heart of Ibiza. The gardens of Atzaro are a perfect backdrop for some photos, with their lush vegetation, exotic flowers, and serene ponds. We enjoyed capturing the natural beauty and tranquility of this place. But because we also wanted to have something different, we drove to a nearby field and made some sunset pictures in the campo as well. The contrast between the golden light and the yellow fields was stunning. Like this we could create a nice variety in images during this photoshoot, showcasing the different facets of Ibiza.

There is something magical about Ibiza that makes families fall in love with it. Maybe it is the warm sun, the gentle breeze, the friendly people, or the relaxed vibe. Whatever it is, it makes families want to come back again and again. 

Location: ibiza
Photography: Youri Claessens & Avieta claessens

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