ABOUT THE photoshoot

Ibiza, with its natural beauty and serene landscapes, provides the perfect backdrop for capturing love and creating lasting memories. Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing a beautiful Belgian couple amidst the enchanting nature of this island. Our goal was to keep the photoshoot natural and focus on their deep love and connection. As an Ibiza-based photographer, I am dedicated to helping couples find the perfect locations that reflect their unique vision.

For this photoshoot, we ventured into the untouched beauty of Ibiza’s nature. Surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, the couple’s love for each other became the center of attention.The natural setting enhanced their love, creating a timeless and enchanting atmosphere.

Visiting Ibiza during your holidays and combine it with a photoshoot, can be one of the best ideas ever. 

Location: ibiza
Photography: Youri Claessens & Avieta claessens

Thank you so much for your stunning images during our ibiza trip. We have great memories now.

- the bride

— the couple

let's make something beautiful together

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