ABOUT THE photoshoot

Their villa was nearby Cala Tarida, This made us decide to organise the photoshoot with their family on this beach, This stunning beach on Ibiza has a long strip of white sand and clear waters in different shades of blue. Because their kids love the early mornings, we planned the photoshoot just after the sunrise, when the beach was nice and calm and the light was soft and warm. The kids were full of energy, which made the pictures nice and lively. They enjoyed playing with the sand and exploring the rocks and coves. We captured some precious moments of their family bonding and happiness on this beach.

Gifting a photoshoot to your loved ones is always a great idea. This lovely family received this gift from a friend and they were so happy to have some family pictures at last. Even nicer, this was their first holiday together. Great memories.

Location: ibiza
Photography: Youri Claessens & Avieta claessens

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