ABOUT THE photoshoot

Ibiza, with its breathtaking beaches and romantic vibes, provides an idyllic setting for capturing love and creating cherished memories. Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing a beautiful couple on the beach. Our goal was to keep the photoshoot natural and highlight their deep affection for each other.
As an Ibiza-based photographer, I am dedicated to assisting couples in finding the perfect locations that align with their vision. Authenticity was key to this photoshoot, and we strived to avoid artificial poses or forced moments. Instead, we let the couple’s love guide us, capturing their genuine emotions and the organic way they interacted with each other.
The beach provided the perfect backdrop, creating a serene and romantic atmosphere that perfectly mirrored their deep affection. As a result, the photos turned out stunning and captured the essence of their love story. I am so happy to have been a part of this beautiful experience and to have helped them preserve their precious moments.

As a fellow photographer based in Orlando Florida, she was looking for new pictures with her husband during their Ibiza holiday.

Location: ibiza
Photography: Youri Claessens & Avieta claessens

Youri these are freaking incredible! I could cry! Seriously some of the most beautiful photos I’ve seen. Your editing is so gorgeous. I cannot thank you enough! Would literally fly you to the US for another shoot in the future.

- the bride

— the couple

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