ABOUT THE photoshoot

Seville is one of our favorite cities in Spain. The atmosphere and the architecture make it a perfect destination for a city break. We recommend avoiding the summer months, as it can get too hot to enjoy the sights. We had a wonderful time photographing this lovely family in the early morning, when the streets were still quiet. We picked a scenic but popular spot, so we had to act fast to get some great shots. As the crowds started to gather, we moved to a nearby park, where we could take some more pictures with a different background. Like this we could deliver a nice variety in the images.

As an Ibiza based photographer team, we have one location on the island which is requested the most, Es Vedra. This magical rock means a lot to a big group of people, so our photographers are often here to create some magic themselves.

Location: seville
Photography: Youri Claessens & Avieta claessens

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