ABOUT THE photoshoot

Valencia is a beautiful city in Spain. It’s just a short travel from Ibiza, so easy to reach for a photoshoot. Especially with such a sweet request, the couple really wanted to book our photographer team to create their memories while they were visiting Valencia. We decided to split the photoshoot in two parts: For the first part, we met early in the old town, to make some pictures in the small and old-town streets of the city. After a lunch break and a siesta for the kid, the second part of the photoshoot we scheduled at the City of Science, a stunning modern area. Like this, we created two different looks and the family had some amazing memories from their trip.

As an Ibiza based photographer team, we have one location on the island which is requested the most, Es Vedra. This magical rock means a lot to a big group of people, so our photographers are often here to create some magic themselves.

Location: valencia
Photography: Youri Claessens & Avieta claessens

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