Elixir was the ideal venue for this unforgettable wedding. It combined modern elegance and Ibiza’s charm in a relaxed setting. The stunning views of the island added magic to the day. The ceremony by Melchior Arnold was full of love and emotion, as the couple exchanged their vows. The reception was a fun and festive party, with delicious food and lively dancing. It was a celebration of two souls becoming one. The couple and a lot of guests were dancers, which made it even a nicer party then we expected before.

Elixir Ibiza is stunning wedding venue next to the sea, with views to Es Vedra. This venue hosts up till 6 weddings per week, so they know exactly what they are doing to make your wedding unforgettable.

Wedding Venue: Elixir Ibiza
Celebrant: Melchior Arnold
Photographer: Youri Claessens
Videographer: Dan Atkins

Im sitting here crying my eyes out. You captured the days so perfectly. It really was a once in a lifetime week full of love in its fullest form. Thank you so so much for taking the time to send me these. They are beautiful. 

- the bride

— shanay,  BRIDE

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